This is
New Glarus

Look Familiar?

Photoshop a few majestic mountain peaks into the background, and you could be smack-dab in the middle of the Swiss Alps. The intrepid Swiss immigrants who first settled here in the mid-1800’s saw it was just the right spot for what they knew best: dairy farming.

Switzerland + Wisconsin =
Yodelay really is an international affair.


Our milk is local – from Brown Swiss cows, of course – and our active yogurt cultures are the same ones employed in Switzerland.

Everything comes together in our new state-of-the-art production facility just a few miles from New Glarus.

A taste that's hard to describe,
but easy to love

Swiss yogurt isn’t quite like anything you’ve tried before. Words like “fruitier” and “smoother” and “creamier” are what we hear from people when they try Yodelay for the first time.

If you’re expecting the dense, heavy consistency of a Greek-style yogurt… well, that’s not Yodelay. But if you’re looking for a naturally tart, yet sweet burst of fruit-forward flavor and a silky smooth texture, Yodelay is for you.

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