It's All Good

Yodelay is a natural blend of locally-sourced milk and imported traditions that come together to create a yogurt that’s not quite like any you’ve ever had. We can chronicle what we put into each cup…but the taste defies description.

Too fruity? No such thing.

Perhaps the first thing that stands out about Yodelay is the fruit: Plump, fresh, and picked at the peak of ripeness. You’ll notice it with your very first spoonful because we don’t puree it into smithereens.

Instead, we give your taste buds plenty of nice big chunks fruity flavor to wrestle with.

The Brown Swiss Cow.
(Our secret weapon. Shhh.)


Our Brown Swiss cows are descended from the same stock as those you see dotting the Alps today. Yet they’re right here, in the rolling hills of Wisconsin.

Milk from Brown Swiss milk has exceptional protein that creates an ideal flavor and texture. It makes yogurt with a taste that really sings.

(Well, yodels, actually.)

Bring a little
Into your life.

Pros & Pros

Live Active Cultures come in countless different strains. We know; we sampled scores of them. But the ones we’ve opted for happen to be the same as the ones used in – where else – Switzerland.

We like to think our cultures give our very special milk a little love, and a lot of delicious.

One important ingredient that’s not on the label.

The Swiss call it Volkommenheit. In English, that translates roughly to “perfectionism.” In Wisconsin, we call it good old fashioned Give-a-damn. Markus and his team have worked for years – literally – to create a yogurt that’s just right. And while you won’t find this commitment to perfection written on the outside of the packaging, you will find it on the inside.

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