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What’s Swiss Yogurt?

The hallmarks of traditional Swiss yogurt are its natural ingredients, its smooth velvety texture, and its bright fruit flavors balanced by the natural tartness that comes from some very special cultures.

Can I drink your yogurt?

Yes! Yodelay is an all-natural Swiss yogurt, so the consistency is one of its key characteristics. Half of our customers drink it, while the other half of our customers use a spoon.

Is Swiss yogurt like Greek yogurt?

True Swiss yogurt has a lighter, creamier texture than Greek yogurt, and a taste that’s slightly tart and more fruit forward. Unlike some varieties of Greek yogurt, the fruit does not need to be stirred up from the bottom of the cup in order to blend it with the yogurt. And of course it’s made with milk from Swiss cows.

What flavors do you have?

Yodelay currently has eight different flavors, providing something for everyone with both traditional and non-traditional varieties, including rhubarb, peach-raspberry, tart cherry, pink grapefruit, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and pineapple.

Where can I find Yodelay?

Check our interactive store locator map in the "Find Yodelay" tab to see all the retailers that currently carry our yogurt. If you can’t find a store near you, just ask the manager where you shop or send your suggestion to -- We'd be happy to set them up!

Is Yodelay gluten-free?

100%, naturally.

Is Yodelay MSG-free?


Is Yodelay BGH-free?

Yes. Our cows are never subjected to such indignities.

How do you make Swiss yogurt?

Simply and naturally. We start out with the best milk we can find, culture it, then add perfectly ripened fruit. In short, you don’t add anything that you can’t pronounce, and you don’t leave anything out that belongs in it.

Why aren’t there more Swiss yogurts?

Doing things as simply as possible can be very complicated. But we like to think that using a little more care is better than using more ingredients. The truth is, it’s not easy to get Swiss yogurt just right. If it were, everyone would be doing it.

Is your milk from A2 cows?

Yes. Our cows are not only adorable, they are A2.

What’s “Craft Yogurt”?

Good question. If you Google the term, it doesn’t come up at all. But at Yodelay, we’re bringing the same “Maker Movement” philosophies of excellence and discernment that transformed beer, burgers and spirits with us to work every day. We’re not doing it to be fashionable or to capitalize on the “small batch” trend… we’re doing it to make a better yogurt. Let us know if you think we’re succeeding.

Where does Yodelay’s milk come from?

Our milk is courtesy of a happy herd of Brown Swiss cows that pastures just a few miles from us in South-central Wisconsin. We think they’re happy because they’re treated like rock stars by the friendliest family of farmers you’ll ever meet.

Why Brown Swiss cows?

Seemed like a no-brainer to us. Yodelay is Swiss yogurt, after all. But, poetic symmetry aside, there are some very good reasons behind our decision to use milk from Brown Swiss cows: The fat and protein is ideal for our style of yogurt; the Voegeli Farm, where our cows live, is nearby in beautiful New Glarus; and, last but not least, they’re so darn cute.

What’s in the cup?

At Yodelay, we’re pretty picky about each ingredient that goes into our yogurt. After all, there are only a few of them! At the heart of each recipe you’ll find perfectly ripened fruits, pasteurized reduced-fat milk and live active cultures coming together to give our yogurt a taste that’s hard to describe…but easy to love. What you won't find? Artificial preservatives, stabilizers or flavors. For a complete list of ingredients, you can read the side of the package. (If you count more than seven, beware: you're not holding a cup of Yodelay.)

Why do you use corn starch?

We like fruit juice. Just not pools of it in our yogurt. That’s why we use a small amount of it to keep that juice perfectly blended with our yogurt.

What in the world is “Black Carrot Extract”?

We know… it sounds weird. But it’s really nothing more than an all-natural ingredient we use to add just a little extra color to certain yogurt flavors.

Is Markus the same guy who founded Candinas Chocolatier?

That’s him, alright. And he’s brought the same artistry, attention to detail and passion to Yodelay that has made Candinas one of the most respected – and awarded – chocolates in the world.

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