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Madison Magazine

Yodelay wins big at World Championship Cheese Contest – Local yogurt company has historic sweep

Madison Magazine

Madison chocolatier develops Swiss-made yogurt – Yodelay has already earned a national award.

Food Processing

Yodelay Yogurt Rolls Out “Made In Wisconsin” Artisan Swiss-Style Yogurts.

Dairy Spotlight

Dairy Spotlight: Yodelay Swiss Yogurt

Dairy Star

Combining their heritage – Voegeli, Candinas team up to make Swiss-style yogurt


Yodelay: Ein Schweizer Joghurt für den US-Markt Yodelay: A Swiss yogurt for the US Market

Center for Dairy Research

Candinas’ Cultured Creation – How CDR helped local confectioner and entrepreneur Markus Candinas create a new artisan yogurt.


The next Chobani – Yodelay Swiss yogurt from chocolatier Markus Candinas is the real deal.