While Yodelay has only been in production a short time they’ve already captured a coveted honor that thousands of more established dairy producers have never earned: A first place showing at the prestigious American Cheese Society (ACS) Judging & Competition. The event has been held since 1983, and this year attracted a record 281 companies and 2,024 entries.


The flavor and texture of Yodelay yogurt is unlike anything else out there. The talented and dedicated team work tirelessly to bring you a yogurt created with equal parts science, artistry and love.

Voegeli Farms
It's a great place to be a cow.

Our Brown Swiss cows live here, just outside New Glarus and less than 30 miles from Yodelay.

Cow love

The Voegeli family runs a fifth-generation dairy farm on 1,200 acres, and has built an international reputation for breeding best-in-class examples of the breed. Yet, for all their success, they haven’t lost touch with their roots. They love what they do, and so does their herd.

They love what they do, and so does their herd.

Craft Yogurt
Is there such a thing?

Not according to Google. (You will, however, get plenty of hits for Kraft Yogurt.) And yet, Yodelay’s approach to making exceptional yogurt owes a lot to the “Maker Movement” that’s done so much for beer, soap, make-up, and more. At its core is an artisan mindset that stems from our commitment to creating something special.

What's Next

We’re really happy with the way Yodelay tastes. We think you will be too. As we grow, we’ll be looking at creating stylistic variations and adding additional flavors. (Obviously, Chocolate is definitely on our radar.) If you have an idea for a flavor you’d like us to pursue, click here. Your request will go directly to Markus.

What's Your Flavor?