Hardly a universal greeting. But in Switzerland, it means “hello.”

And since you’re here to learn more about Yodelay, the authentic Swiss yogurt that just happens to be made here in Wisconsin, we thought it was an appropriate way to introduce ourselves.

So Wilkommen!

If you’re looking for yogurt that’s a little out of the ordinary, congratulations. You’ve found Yodelay.

What’s Swiss yogurt, you ask?

Maybe we should start by telling you what it isn’t. Swiss yogurt – at least the way we make it here in Wisconsin – isn’t filled with artificial flavors, preservatives or stabilizers that don’t belong there. Which leads us to what it is: A little smoother. A little creamier. And a lot more delicious.

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The Story of Yodelay

Years of traveling to Switzerland, a decades long friendship and a passion for yogurt led Markus Candinas and Michael Hull to create a unique and delicious Swiss Yogurt here in America. After just a taste we believe you will join us in saying “Thanks Guys.”

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Inner Beauty

Really good yogurt starts with really good ingredients. And -- to our way of thinking -- the fewer the better. Because when it comes to taste, it’s what’s inside that counts.

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Find Pure

Looking for Yodelay yogurt? We can point you to a retailer that has it ready and waiting for you on their shelves. Unlike other yogurts, you won’t find it everywhere. But one taste, and you’ll agree that’s not the only thing that makes Yodelay unlike other yogurts.

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Got Questions?

We’ve got answers. Find out more about why Yodelay yogurt is so darn delicious.

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